So apparently the House GOP is making plans to “redefine rape”

in order to limit even further the number of situations that a woman can get a government funded-abortion.

Normally, the notion of government conservatives trying to stifle abortion rights isn’t even a surprise.  But now we have them trying to redefine rape in order to do this.

There are people in the House actively trying to make distinctions between the “different types of rape” because they’re still convinced that they need to control women’s bodies.

House Republicans,

There is no distinction between “forcible rape” and other rape

There is no difference between the girl who is violently assaulted by someone and attempts to fight back and the girl who is much too scared of her rapist to say no or risk her health and life even further.  There is no difference between the girl who is black out drunk at a party and the girl who is sexually violated by a male relative.

All rape is rape, and if a woman gets pregnant because of it she has every fucking right to abort is she so chooses.  All of the women described above deserve access to government-funded abortions.  ALL OF THOSE WOMEN.

You hear me House Republicans?  You hear me anti-choicers? 


-Nefertiti Abeja

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